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We Print the Products that Sell Yours™

Dilco® is the go-to custom printer for some of the largest corporations in the world when they need shelf wobblers, aisle violators, window clings, cooler clings, sticker hang tags, and bottle neckers. We specialize in screen printing, digital printing and UV offset printing, custom die cutting, and free templates for download. We'll tell you how to design shelf wobblers, provide step-by-step instructions for preparing your art files for printing, and design tips to set you apart from your competitors. Our goal is to help you market and sell your products.


Unless you have a TV commercial, your decals, wobblers, clings, and signs are your brand. They are the sales rep for your company and your products. Since 1974 we have been the one place companies can go for all of their custom printing needs. Whether you're a large company or a startup, a broker or another printer, we provide the same level of service, attention to detail, precision, quality printing, and on-time delivery. We even offer 3rd party drop shipments.

We are the printing industry's authority because we ask the right questions:

  • What do you need? What is the product being used for?
  • Will it be displayed indoors or outside?
  • Will it be in a cooler or on a store shelf?
  • Do you need a little or a lot?
  • Do you need a template or will it be custom die cut?

We want to know so we can help you choose, not only the best product, but the best printing method and substrate for your marketing needs.

We're also here to answer your questions. We'll walk you through your project from the original quote through artwork development, to printing, finishing, and shipping. We're here to help. Our service is as important as the quality of our products; and our relationships with our customers are paramount.

DOs, DON'Ts, and HOW TOs

Have a look around our site. We'll show you what we sell, tell you how we made it and why it was successful. We'll give you the dos and don'ts and the how-tos. We'll tell you which product is better for your application and why. Our success is based on yours. That's the reason nearly 90% of our business is repeat business. We build and maintain trust.

Use the menu at the left for specific pages where you can read about all the point-of-purchase retail items we make or jump right to the samples and have a look for yourself. Many of the items we make and print also have pricing pages that include free templates to download. Below are some of the products we specialize in, the printing methods we use, and the services we offer.


Our custom printed products include:

  • Dilco® Clipfree® Shelf Wobblers and Double-Sided Wobblers
  • Low-Tack and Static Cling Vinyl Decals
  • Cooler Clings and Freezer Clings
  • Double-Sided Window Clings and Push|Pull Door Clings
  • Lexan® Labels and Nameplate Overlays
  • Dilco® Clipfree® Aisle Violators
  • Aisle Blades
  • Folded Shelf Talkers
  • Shelf Strips, Menu Strips and Shelf Channel Cards
  • Full-Color Decals
  • Hang Tags and Sticker Hang Tags
  • Bottle Neckers
  • Point-of-Purchase Displays
  • Thermal Die Cut Decals and Plotter Cut
  • PVC, Vinyl and Styrene Signs
  • Floor Graphics and Carpet Decals
  • Domed Decals

We've recently added new pages to the site including Bottle Neckers, Cooler Clings and a sample page for Cooler and Freezer Clings.


We specialize in digital printing, screen printing, and UV offset printing. We offer spot-color (Pantone PMS) printing, which we describe in detail on our Screen Printed Decals page; as well as 4-color process (CMYK) printing, which is detailed on our Full-Color Decals page. Additionally, you can find information on all our printing methods, including UV printing on our Custom Plastic Signs page.

Newest Most Eco-Friendly Printing

We're also proud to announce the newest presses in our printing arsenal, the MGI® Meteor DP8700 XL and the Fujifilm® Acuity Select 26 Wide Format UV Flatbed. The MGI is an incredibly high-resolution toner-based digital printer offering the brightest, sharpest colors in the industry; and it's the eco-friendliest method of printing on the market! The Fuji press is faster and prints sharper images with brighter colors than the press it is replacing; creating no VOCs. Ask to see some samples. We'll even mail them to you if you can't come by the shop.


In addition to manufacturing, we provide fulfillment and finishing services including:

  • Custom Die Cutting
  • Free Templates for
    • Shelf Wobblers
    • Aisle Violators
    • Shelf Strips
    • Folded Shelf Talkers
    • Double-Sided Wobblers
    • Freezer and Cooler Clings
    • Low-Tack Vinyl Decals
  • Doming
  • Scoring
  • Collating
  • Adhesive taping
  • Thermal Kiss Cutting
  • Crack-and-Peel Slit Liners
  • Bagging
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Product Distribution
  • Drop Shipping
  • Sequential Variable Data Numbering
  • 3rd Party Shipments

Dilco® is also the only printer that offers Clipfree® shelf wobblers, shelf talkers, and aisle violators. Our unique tabs and flaps save tons of time and money, since there are no clips to buy and nothing to assemble! We also have wholesale pricing tables for shelf wobblers, shelf strips and aisle violators with and without taped tabs.


Visit our Artwork Prep page for detailed information on getting your artwork files ready for printing. We've included screenshots of both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in the easy-to-follow instructions. In addition, each template you download will also include dielines, bleed lines, and even a mini-tutorial with sample image. If you need help, we're here. We have one of the best Art Departments in the printing world.


We offer quick turnaround times and competitive pricing for both small and large runs. Due to popular demand, we've updated our rate pages to include low-quantity prices for shelf wobblers, shelf strips, folding shelf talkers, cooler clings, and low-tack vinyl decals. If you don't need a large run, you can still get Dilco's custom printing quality at low wholesale rates.


There are several ways to get a quote on your job:

  • Visit one of the pricing pages in the menu on the left (designated by the green arrows). These pages include:
    • Diagrams with All Dimensions
    • Rate Tables with Quantity Price Breaks
    • Free Templates to Download
  • Fill out our Free Quote form.
  • Upload your artwork with quantity and any additional information.
  • Email us and attach your artwork (if under 20mb).
  • Give us a call at (714) 998-5266. We answer our own phones and can go over your needs.
  • Come on by the shop if you're in the Orange County, CA area.

We're here Monday through Friday, between 7:00 am and 3:30 pm.