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Bottle Neckers

Bottle Neck Hang Tags Custom Printed on Vinyl or Card Stock

Browse through our Bottle Necker sample pictures. Some are printed on heavy card stock, some are printed on vinyl. Some are simple bottle tags, some are more complex pop-up bottle neckers. And the bottle tag for Trago Smart Water is crazy complex! Each image below will detail how it was printed, the substrate material used, and who it was printed for. All bottle necker printing includes die cutting and scoring to fit the bottle's contour. With complex shapes, we've depicted the bottle neckers as they'd appear in-use; simpler shapes are shown flat.

Double-Sided Custom Die Cut Bottle Necker Hang Tag Printing by Dilco for Trago Smart Water Bottle
Custom Die Cut Bottle Necker
Trago® Smart Water Bottle
10.8" x 12.8" 4/4-cp printed
on 15 mil vinyl
complex custom die cutting
nearly the entire length of bottle
complex scoring to wrap bottle

Double-sided vinyl bottle necker with center pop-up custom printed by Dilco for Kevita.
Vinyl Pop-Up Bottle Necker
2.5" x 4.3" 4/4-cp printed
on 10 mil vinyl
scored bend for bottle contour
custom die cut with hole, slits,
and 1.33" diameter pop-up

Double-sided bottle neckers printed and custom die cut on card stock by Dilco for Aloe Gloe
Double-Sided Bottle Neckers
Aloe Gloe®
4/4-cp printed on 12 pt C2S card stock
2.125" x 5" with 3" message area
custom die cut with score for folding
and slits for bottle neck

Bottle neck hang tag, double-sided custom die cut and printed by Dilco for Timino.
2-Sided Bottle Necker
Trimino® Protein Infused Water
double-sided 4/4-cp printed
2.5" x 5.5" scored for folding
12 pt card stock custom die cut
with score line for folding